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Note:  The information on these web pages are intended to be viewed, copied and disseminated for educational use.  However, the information and images should NOT be altered as it may lead to misinformation.

The Normal Heart


Learn about the normal heart anatomy and function.

This is a good place to start before learning about heart diseases in children.


How Reliable?

It is crucial before obtaining any medical information that you ask, "How reliable is this source?"

The text, illustrations and animations presented in these web pages are written by Board Certified Pediatric Cardiologists who are experts in this field and hold professorial ranks at The University of Chicago.  The material enclosed are accurate and up to date. 

What is a Heart Murmur?

Heart murmur is the sound made by blood as it travels through the heart.  This may be normal or abnormal.  50% of normal children have normal heart murmurs.
Read more!

Do Not Play Doctor!

The information provided here is intended to educate you about your disease or your child's disease.  It is NOT intended to replace your doctor.  Use the information here to know better about heart diseases in children, but NEVER change management dictated by your pediatric cardiologists!


Congenital Heart Diseases

Detailed information about heart defects.  A description of each heart disease is available with numerous illustrations and animations.   Learn about the standard of care in treating each disease, including timing and type of each therapeutic step


Acquired Heart Diseases

Children are not always born with heart diseases, some are acquired after birth.  Learn about Hypertension, Kawasaki Disease, Rheumatic Fever and many other such diseases.

Dictionary Of Terms Used In Pediatric Cardiology

Are you confused by the medical jargon you are bombarded with?.  Look no more, the end of your confusion is a click away!

Abnormal Heart Rhythm

Why does the heart beat irregular, too slow or too fast?  What are the different types of therapy available?

Commonly Used Abbreviations in Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric Cardiologists are in love with abbreviations, and use them incessantly!  Click here and un-confuse yourself.

Medications In Heart Disease

What are the benefits and side effects of each cardiac medication?

Chest X-Ray

In this day and age:  Are they still needed?


Chest Pain in Children and Adolescents
Chest pain in children is caused by many different factors, the heart is an unusual source of such pain in children.

Electrocardiography (ECG or EKG)

Do these squiggly lines really mean anything?



Learn about heart problems causing fainting and the tests done to diagnose such diseases.


How does it work?  What does it show?  And how does it help?


Athletes & Heart Diseases
Sudden death in athletes is a rare occurrence, yet it preoccupies many young athletes and their parents.

Cardiac Catheterization

What is it?  Why should it be done? And what to expect?



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