Rush Center for Congenital
and Structural Heart Disease

State of the art presentation.  Detailed text with references, clear illustrations and astonishing 3-D animations.
The physiology and pathology of congestive heart failure as seen in children with congenital heart diseases.
Detailed text of various congenital heart diseases.  Pictures not available yet.
Cardiac Evaluation
History and physical examination of the cardiovascular system are reviewed.
Arrhythmia & Electrocardiography
Normal  ECG as well as how to diagnose chamber hypertrophy are presented.
In addition, an interactive arrhythmia diagnostic tool which allows you to diagnose any rhythm disturbance.  Presented with text and images.
Chest X-Ray
Normal and abnormal chest x-ray is detailed with text and sample x-ray images.
Congenital Heart Disease
Extensive text, ECG and chest x-ray images of CHD.  Suitable for Pediatric Cardiology Board review.
Heart Murmurs
Distinguishing innocent and pathological heart murmurs could be an easy task if certain rules are followed.
Chromosomal, genetic and inborn errors of metabolism disorders associated with congenital heart disease is discussed.  Laboratory tests needed to diagnose each defect are suggested.
The most extensive reference for medications used in pediatric cardiology.   Doses, side effects and more.
From Other Journals
From Other Journals is a review of articles published in Pediatric Cardiology journal of articles relating to heart disease in children, published in cardiology and pediatric journals.
This section of the journal is edited by:
Scott M. Bradley, MD & David G. Thoele, MD
Pediatric Cardiology Calendar of Events
Pediatric Cardiology Events Calendar is published in Pediatric Cardiology journal as "Upcoming Events".  It lists events relevant to pediatric cardiology.